iBells - Wireless Calling Systems

Service Calling System designed to simplify the interaction between clients and staff.

Healthcare Systems

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Employees can work much faster, more accurately and cohesively.


Customers will no longer spend their valuable time searching for your staff.


Increasing the number of satisfied customers and regular visitors.


More sales by increasing the number of orders. No lengthy waiting.

Application Areas


Kitchen Calling Systems

In the kitchen, Chef prepared the dish, call the waiter to serve a dish to the guest.

Coaster Paging Systems

The coaster pager system greatly improves the work efficiency and avoids the client waiting in a long queue. It is widely used in fast food restaurant, dessert shop, etc.
Wireless Nurse Calling System - YK200-1D and ZJ-41H White - iBells - Service Calling Systems

Nurse Calling Systems

Optimal organization and efficient communication have a top priority in a medical practice.