Factory and Production

How does the system work in a factory and in a production?

Call a mechanic by the worker

What is required?

At each workstation, iBells-call button is placed.

Each plant section conductor wears one handpager.

How does it work?

When problems arise, it satisfies the workers to press a button and the engine section manager receives a message about which workstation the signal was triggered.

Order of assembly parts on the assembly line

What is required?

At work each worker a iBells-call button is placed.

Each responsible for the delivery of Assemblyman employee wears one hand pager.

How does it work?

At the push of a button, the employee responsible receives a message with the number of the workplace, where his help is needed.

Benefits of the staff call system

  • Faster and higher quality work of the employees
  • Increasing work efficiency
  • Umsatzsteigerung durch mehr Arbeitsvolumen