APE8800-60 – Display Receiver

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APE8800-60 – Display Receiver

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Display: Signal Call Receiver APE8800-60

The remote control is installed at the stationary workstation.
The pockets allow the patient information to be placed opposite each indicator light (60 displays) and are illuminated when calling.
It is designed to display 60 calls simultaneously.

The call receiver display panel shows where the call was made, simplifying the service to a customer or patient.

For example: In rooms, offices, bedrooms, counters, tables, etc.

Fully compatible with call buttons APE160, APE310, APE320, APE510, APE520, APE520C, APE520-HS, APE520C-HS, APE700, and APE560.


By pushing a button the customer indicates that they have a request (e.g. buy a new beer mug). The service team sees the call on the monitor and so knows where it should be served.


  • Display of time and date
  • Adjustable volume
  • 12 signal sounds. Alarm sound, a doorbell sound, and voice notification
  • It can be installed on the table or on the wall

Additional information

Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions65 × 55 × 6 cm

up to 299 call buttons


doorbell sound, alarm sound, voice notification

Operating frequency

433,92 MHz

Signal receiving radius

up to 150 meters in an open space

Power supply

vom Netz über einen Adapter AC120V/60HZ-DC12V/1A

Operation temperature

-10 – +40 °C

Range extension

possible with a repeater APE80



Weitere Features

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save 10 last notifications

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