Wireless Display Call Receiver ZJ-39

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The receiver host adopts RF wireless and learning code technology. It can easily pair up to 999 channels of wireless calling transmitters and 1 manager remote controller. The receiver host uses advanced industrial micro processor and high-sensitivity superheterodyne receiving technology which make the products very stable.

At same time, the wireless calling receiver host has advanced number speaker function, it can clearly read the number, function, room number and so on and compatibly for different working mode, suitable for different places.

The wireless calling system has millions of different code which can be paired easily and freely. And it is widely used in restaurant, café, bar, tea shop, KTV, bank, office, factory, hotel, hospital and so on.


  • Adopt the latest industrial stable chipset
  • Independent storage avoiding data lost
  • Memory 20 calling records history
  • 7 prompt voice selectable
  • Calling number speaker and time whole point speaker
  • Multiple working mode optional for different places
  • Self testing technology makes it working well every time
  • Super error correction
  • Address data only avoiding repeat
  • Menu setting voice prompt, easy to set
  • Calling records display can be fixed or cycle
  • Calling records cycle display time is adjustable
  • Adjustable volume
  • Restore the factory default function
  • High receive sensitivity
  • LED tube display, easy to read
  • Beautiful designing and portable to move
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Button function

Wireless Receiver: Monitor display ZJ-39 - Diagram - iBells - Service Calling System
SETLong press for 2sec to enter settings menu; short press to submenu
UPShort press to turn up the number; Long press to turn up the number quickly; Browse the calling record.
DOWNShort press to turn down the number; Long press to turn down the number quickly; Browse the calling records
DELBack to previous menu or standby status
BACKBack to previous menu or standby status
DC9VConnect DC9V/2A power adapter
AlarmConnect to alarm
Audio 1Audio output 1
Audio 2Audio output 2

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions32 × 15.7 × 3.9 cm



up to 999 call buttons


voice prompt and 2 melodies


LED digital display


displays numbers from 001 to 999


5 keys


aluminum and plastic

Operating frequency

433.92 МHz

Signal receiving radius

up to 150 meters in an open space

Power supply

with an adapter DC9/2A

Standby current
Working current





learning code


Amplitude Modulation (OOK)

Operation temperature

-10 – +40 °C


hanging on the wall

Extent of delivery

digital display, host receiver, power adapter, host's hangers and screws, user manual

Range extension

possible with a repeater ZZQ-8



While power on, the receiver host has no response.The power adaptor is broken.Change the power adaptor
The signal of some transmitters is not enough.The power of battery is lowChange the battery.
Receiver host cannot get some transmitters of them.These transmitters are deletedPair these transmitters again tothe receiver host.
No voice prompt while power on or calling.The volume is lowest.Adjust the volume louder.
  1. Pull the antenna out for the best receiving effect.
  2. For using of computer software, please refer to user manual of computer software.