SYT200-3 – Wireless Call Transmitter with 3 buttons

SYT200-3 – Wireless Call Transmitter with 3 buttons

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13,50 price is not incl. 19% VAT


Fully compatible with all calling receivers of SMART-Line.
Has 3 functional buttons:

  1. Call
  2. Pay
  3. Cancel

Adopts the latest RF technology and digital identification technology, which makes the product very stable. It does not depend on temperature fluctuations, changes in weather conditions. The transmitter can be put on the table or stick on the wall. When the customers need service, he/she just presses the button and the staff will receive a message and know which table or a room needs service.

Additional information

Weight0.028 kg
Dimensions5.9 × 5.9 × 1.3 cm

red and white


red LED light


High impact plastic housing. Spill proof

Operating frequency

433,92 MHz, 433.92 MHz

Signal receiving radius

up to 150 meters in an open space

Power supply

2x batteries (CR2016)

Standby current


Operation time

around 12 Month


Amplitude Modulation (OOK)

Operation temperature

-10 – +40 °C


Adhesive pad on back or screw

Extent of delivery

transmitter, packaging, battery

Range extension

possible with a repeater ZZQ-8



Additional features

easy to handle. Top After-sale service